The Trial

Susannah Biller, Fraulein Burstner
Sofia Selowsky, Frau Grubach
Brenton Ryan, Titorelli
Theo Hoffman, Joseph K
Keith Phares, Magistrate
Matthew Lau, Inspector
Carolyn Kuan, Conductor
Michael McCarthy, Director
American Premiere
Philip Glass & Christopher Hampton

“★★★★★” –Financial Times
“This new work...has sprung perfectly-formed into life.” –The Independent
It’s strange enough that Josef K spontaneously finds himself arrested on his 30th birthday — stranger still that no one seems able to explain why. He embarks on a year-long search for justice, encountering absurd characters and situations at every turn. Based on Franz Kafka’s novel, this dark comedy comes to St. Louis after a sold-out run at London’s Royal Opera House.
Baritone Theo Hoffman plays the embattled Joseph K., joined by soprano Susannah Biller and mezzo-soprano Sofia Selowsky.

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