Stonewall (World Premiere)


Carolyn Kuan, Conductor
Iain Bell, Composer
Leonard Foglia, Director
Mark Campbell, Librettist
Richard Stafford, Choreographer
Riccardo Hernandez, Set Designer
David C Woodlard, Costume Designer
Ken Billington, Lighting Designer
Daniel Erdberg Á Ursula Kwong-Brown, Sound Designers
Rick Sordelete Á Christian Sordelete, Co-Fight Directors
Brittany Rappise, Hair Wig and Make-Up Designer

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the uprising, Stonewall is a moving and explosive new American opera that captures the rage, grit, humor and, finally, hope of the LGBTQ community's uprising in a Greenwich Village dance club on one hot night in June 1969. The work is divided into three parts and follows a diverse group of characters whose lives collide at that pivotal moment in history when the police push them too far and they find the courage to fight back.

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